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The Modern Lady Podcast

Nov 24, 2020

'Tis (almost) the season... but many of are already making our lists, trying to get a head start at our holiday shopping!  This week, Michelle and Lindsay chat about the gifts and items they are eyeing up this year, and discuss how we can "curate our Christmas" to intentionally preserve and elevate our homes and family...

Nov 17, 2020

This week, Michelle and Lindsay continue their discussion on how our practice of the Corporal Acts of Mercy can transform our culture and the world!  When society is in turmoil and it feels like chaos is pressing in around us, we are not helpless!  We have our marching orders, so let's get to work!

Nov 10, 2020

It is difficult to look around us today, at the culture and at the general state of things, and not feel tempted towards feeling helpless.  But it is precisely in the midst of confusion and chaos that we are called to uphold the order and dignity of society and of every human life!  This week, Michelle and Lindsay...

Nov 3, 2020

In this special presentation of The Modern Lady Podcast, Lindsay and her husband, Jason, share their testimonies of how the Rosary has transformed their lives, their faith and their family.  The Rosary is a Catholic devotional prayer that calls us to meditate on the life of Jesus through intercession of His Mother, ...