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The Modern Lady Podcast

Apr 11, 2023

Happy Easter, dear listeners!

As Christians, we here at The Modern Lady Podcast hold this week, the octave of Easter, in the highest regard - it is a time of great celebration over our salvation and the triumph of Christ over death in His Resurrection!  We have decided to honour this holy time by pausing production on our newest episode and instead, revisit a pretty relevant and appropriate Friday Finishing School episode that we released almost a year and a half ago... at Christmas!  Handel's Messiah, and his famous Alleluia chorus in particular, was actually originally meant to be performed at THIS time of year, in a sweeping and obvious hymn of praise for the the Risen Christ.  But behind the music and the lyrics is a deeply moving story about charity and concern for the most vulnerable in our society - and also, an interesting fact about how one could use the Alleluia chorus to express, not just religious devotion, but political affiliation! We wish you all a very blessed Easter season, and we will be back with a new episode soon!